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KLN Family Brands buys former Troyer Farms chips plant

Former Troyer Farms potato chips plant in Waterford, Pennsylvania
February 10, 2014
Access to new markets, the availability of an empty facility and abundant raw materials -- they were all reasons for Minnesota-based KLN Family Brands to buy the former Troyer Farms potato chips plant in Waterford, Pennsylvania

But there was another, more important consideration.

Company officials, who expect to be making chips and other snacks by late spring, say a pool of experienced workers is what sealed the deal.

Family-owned KLN, which also makes candy and pet food in its other divisions, makes a variety of salty snacks under the name Barrel O'Fun Snack Foods.

The Barrel O'Fun plant in Waterford will focus on kettle-cooked potato chips, extruded snacks, popcorn and, eventually, caramel corn.

The company, which makes mostly private label chips and other snacks, expects to hire 80 to 100 employees initially and is likely to quickly increase that number to 150, said Kevin Keil, the company's general manager.

The existing building is being renovated for the installation of new equipment. Eventually, Keil said, the company plans to expand production into a new facility and convert the existing building to a warehouse.
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Barrel O’ Fun produces an extensive line of snack foods including traditional and kettle-cooked potato chips, 100% whole kernel corn tortilla and corn chips, cheese puffs and curls, gourmet popcorn and baked potato crisps. 
This (small) US company claims to be the only US potato chips manufacturer that grows its own potatoes. Troyer Farms sells potato chips using the brand names "Troyer Farms", "Seyfert's "and " Dan-Dee".   In December 2008, Troyer Farms agreed a sale of the company to Bickel's Snack Foods Inc