Quick start-up of Kiremko Turn-key Snack Pellet line
Processing Equipment manufacturer Kiremko Food Processing Equipment delivered a 200 kg/h turn-key snack pellet line - including flavouring system - to one of its customers in Eastern Europe.

In order to have a quick start-up the complete line was built, pre-cabled and tested at the Kiremko production facility.

As requested by the customer, this was a perfect moment to have a pre delivery inspection of the equipment.

The key machine in the pellet line is the Kiremko fryer. The fryer has been provided with a frying oil circulation system, to improve the heat transfer into the pellets and to ensure an even expansion of the pellets. The pellets are submerged by an immersion belt, carrying the product to the fryer outfeed belt.

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In order to supply a clean line, the circulation system has been fitted with a non-leaking circulation pump. The pump itself is made entirely of stainless steel, preferable for the hygienic production of pellets.

All Kiremko pellet fryers have been designed to produce a large variation of pellets. This gives the customer the freedom to operate the line with many different types of pellets.

For customers who are not equipped with steam or thermal oil in their production plant, there is an option to supply the Kiremko fryer with electrical heaters. The production line requires a main power cable to the control cabinet and an air connection to the pneumatically controlled valves.

Flavouring of extruded pellet snacks

In order to reduce the oil usage in the line, the oil recovered at the defatting vibrator is returned to the fryer by an auxiliary pump. To optimize the seasoning of the pellets, the flavour is fed by a volumetric dosing auger to a magnetically driven flavour vibrator. In the flavour drum, the flavour is added to the freshly fried pellets. From here the customer uses existing packaging equipment to package the product in small retail bags.

Because the complete installation has been tested at the Kiremko production facility, the line could be installed quickly. After installation the production line was started and commissioned within two days. This short installation time ensures a minimum amount of interference with the existing production facility for the customer.