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Distribution Agreement AVEBE and Ingredion Terminated

Distribution Agreement AVEBE and Ingredion Terminated
February 26, 2015
The distribution agreement between AVEBE and Ingredion will be terminated as of March 31 2015 for North America and Japan.

In 2007, AVEBE and Ingredion (then National Starch) decided to form a collaboration for sales of certain speciality product categories in North and South America and for certain countries in Asia. At that time it was an appropriate solution to utilize the local resources of Ingredion for certain business areas at a time when Avebe was re-structuring her business.

In the meantime AVEBE has made important strategic developments which focus on higher value starch innovation and potato proteins. It is a logical step to take a more direct position in all global regions to ensure close connection with customers and market opportunities.
Companies in this Article
Avebe is a main manufacturer of potato starch, located in the Netherlands. Avebe sells native and modified potato starch globally for use in food, feed, paper, building, textiles and adhesives industries. 
Ingredion is the new company name for the former companies Corn Products International and National Starch.