Haith Group upgrades its successful Rotatip box tipper

Haith Group upgrades its successful Rotatip box tipper

The Haith Rotatip box tipper has proved to be a firm favorite with vegetable packers, since its introduction into the global tippler market in 2008. Haith have sold over 65 units in the UK, Europe & Asia. This is a testament to it’s robust, gentle and reliable design, making the Rotatip the obvious choice when packers are looking for a machine that can stand up to the constant rigors of front of line box handling.

Having just upgraded the twin chain box lifting system on this machine and improved the program control this new model has the capacity to handle higher volumes!

The patented Rotatip tipping design was the result of many hours of evaluating equipment being used in the market and discussing with customers the main issues they experienced with existing hydraulic equipment, resulting in a machine which has no hydraulics’ totally inverts the box to ensure no product is left in, store facility to ensure constant product flow and can handle up to 35 boxes per hour.

All motors are high efficiency and unlike existing hydraulic tippers where the motors run constantly even when idling the Rotatip motors only run when the tipping sequence is activated giving a great saving in power usage.

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Haith Rotatip Box tipper in action (no sound)