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Food cart business Potato Corner sets sales record of P1 billion (>21 million USD)

Potato Corner is a franchise business headquartered in the Phillipines selling a range of flavoured french fries from food carts and small shops in the Phillipines, the United States, Indonesia, Panama, Australia and Thailand

Last year was a banner year for Manila (Phillipines) -based food cart business Potato Corner after it hit over P1 billion (21.3 million USD) in sales, a record in the company's 23-year history.

Jose Magsaysay Jr., the chief executive of Potato Corner, said a robust domestic market coupled with growth in its store network helped boost sales last year.

Magsaysay added that they are hoping the next administration will make setting up businesses easier.

They also plan to bring Potato Corner to new territories like Myanmar and Vietnam.

Below you find an interview with Potato Corner's owner Joe Magsaysay.

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Short video item on Potato Corner's owner Joe Magsaysay