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McDonald’s China business name changes to ‘Jin Gong Men’
McDonald’s China Co. has changed its name to “Jin Gong Men Co,” which roughly translates to “Golden Arches,” after CITIC Capital and Carlyle Group took over the franchise, but the name of the restaurants will remain the same.
Sunday, October 29, 2017
Potato Corner CEO shares secrets to food cart success
Potato Corner CEO Joe Magsaysay shares the secret behind the french fries brand that he built into a global franchise business with annual sales of P1 billion (almost 20 million USD).
McDonald's plans to add 2000 Restaurants in China in the next 5 years
Earlier this week McDonald’s announced the successful completion of a strategic partnership with CITIC and The Carlyle Group. The partnership will operate and manage McDonald’s businesses in mainland China and Hong Kong and ramp up growth and innovation using the combined expertise.
Fry Factory Inc adjusts automatic restaurant french fry cutter to North American potatoes
An entrepreneur in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island has modified an automated restaurant french fry cutter to the North American market.
U.S. Quick Service Restaurant Traffic Growth Stalls in 2016 and Full Service Visits Decline
QSRs, which represent 80 percent of total commercial foodservice visits, realized no traffic growth in 2016 and total foodservice traffic dipped slightly.
Saturday, April 1, 2017
QSR Chain CaliBurger to roll out burger flipping robot
Restaurant Chain CaliBurger - a 21st-century revival of the classic California burger joint - is introducing robotics in its kitchens starting early 2018: an AI driven robot named 'Flippy', primarily tasked with flipping burgers.
Wednesday, March 8, 2017
McDonald's Japan adds French Fry flavor based on nostalgic student snack
Starting next week, McDonald’s Japan will offer daigaku imo French fries. Daigaku Imo litterally means “college potato”. It is a popular sweet potato snack with a sweet sauce, and allegedly gets its unusual name from being a hit with cash-strapped students looking for a cheap yet tasty bite.
Argentina: Llegan a McDonald’s las “Papas Fritas Cheddar Bacon”
Para los fanáticos de uno de los productos más icónicos de McDonald’s, desde el 7 de febrero la marca ofrece a sus clientes esta nueva variedad..
Tuesday, February 7, 2017