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Lamb Weston launches Sergio Herman's Frites Atelier-Frites for the catering segment

Lamb Weston launches Sergio Herman's Frites Atelier-Frites for the catering segment

November 24, 2022
Passionate fries maker Lamb Weston is launching a new potato product in the Netherlands and Belgium in collaboration with Sergio Herman: Atelier-Frites . The potato product is intended for chefs and restaurants who want to serve the same high quality chips as their meat, fish or vegetarian dishes.

According to Sergio Herman, the product with its crispy coating and velvety soft texture on the inside is 'unique in its kind and the best alternative to fresh fries'. The Frites from Atelier Frites: served with passion lend themselves perfectly in surprising dishes and as a wonderful side dish with culinary toppings. The product is available at Sligro in the Netherlands and Metro in Belgium, among others.

Fried mussels with Atelier Frites

Frites Atelier-Frites now available for restaurants

Inspired by the infinite diversity of the potato and out of love for the hospitality industry and craft, Sergio founded Herman Frites Atelier. He had one goal: to put French fries in the spotlight as a unique product with worldly preparations and sensational toppings.

Because in the eyes of Frites Atelier, nothing beats tasty fries with unique flavor combinations, traditional snacks and homemade sauces. The first Frites Atelier opened in The Hague in 2016, after which other locations followed.

Frites Atelier developed the product together with Lamb Weston to guarantee an increase in scale and to make Frites Atelier-Frites available to restaurants and to give chefs the opportunity to serve these unique Frites to their guests in a surprising and exclusive way.

The perfect preparation method

Frites Atelier-Frites are delivered frozen and can go directly into the deep-fat fryer. Freezing the potato is part of Sergio Herman's recipe. He has shared his secret on the packaging for the preparation of the perfect Frites: the 10-second shake.

Atelier Frites: served with passion

Sergio Herman, founder of Atelier:
"My philosophy is that every part of a meal or dish is important and that is why I want to give fries the place in the spotlight it deserves. Thanks to our partnership with Lamb Weston, it is possible for every entrepreneur to serve fries with the same quality as the dish he or she has put his heart and soul into."
Marc Schroeder, CEO of Lamb Weston / Meijer:
"At Lamb Weston we are constantly developing new, high-quality potato products. When Frites Atelier sought cooperation with us to further develop this product for a wider roll-out, we were immediately enthusiastic."

"After years of testing, improving and perfecting, there is now a beautiful and premium product that we are proud of. Easy to use and it guarantees a good sales margin."

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