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Irish Meade Potato Company damaged by fire

Aerial view of the Meade Potato Company in Lobinstown, Navan, Co. Meath in Ireland.

A fire has caused significant damage at the Meade Potato Company in Lobinstown, Navan, Co. Meath in Ireland. The fire broke out around 8.15 on Wednesday June 1.

A spokesperson for Meade Potato Company said that no one was injured and the fire was contained quickly in an isolated area at the plant, thanks to the response of Navan and Nobber Fire Department.

Early indications are that it may have begun in a fridge compartment in the company’s Potato Division, according to the spokesperson.

“Luckily this was away from the production areas, but as a precautionary measure, Meade Potato Company’s Health and Safety Officer evacuated the potato division for the day.

“So while the fire was indeed a substantial and no doubt a costly one, thanks to the swift work of the fire services, the safety measures in place at the facility and the excellent work of their staff team over the past 24 hours, Meade Potato Company were able to resume business as normal today (Thursday, June 2).”

The biggest disruption has been to Meade Potato Company’s IT systems, as vital cables were housed in a hub close to the fire, the spokesperson said.

However, she said that the company’s communication contingency plan kicked in to place immediately to enable the company to keep connected with their suppliers and their customers.