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World Potato Congress in Peru will be held in combination with the ALAP congress

World Potato Congress in Peru will be held in combination with the ALAP congress

Cusco (Perú). Plaza de Armas. La Compañía.

October 28, 2016
The World Potato Congress (WPC) has announced that the dates for the 10th World Potato Congress to be held in the beautiful historic city of Cusco, Peru have been finalized. The event will take place from May 27 - 31.

Consultation between WPC and the Peruvian Host Committee is ongoing and we are confident our 10th Anniversary Congress will be a spectacular event.

For the first time, the Congress will be presented in South America. A fitting destination to celebrate the WPC 10th Anniversary. Where delegates will step back in time to tackle future challenges.

The 2018 congress will be held in tandem with the 28th Congress of the Latin America Potato Association, ALAP.

This will be an excellent opportunity for delegates of both events to learn from and share with one another.

The world famous heritage site of Machu Picchu (early Inca civilization) is just a train ride away from Cusco

WPC delegates will be excited to learn about opportunities to visit the world famous heritage site of Machu Picchu which is just a train ride away.

Here you will experience the majesty of early Inca civilization and marvel at the skills required to create such a masterpiece so many centuries ago.

Start making plans now to attend the Tenth Congress Anniversary in the homeland of the potato where past and present combine to offer you the experience of a lifetime.

Peru offers an amazing number of native potato varieties

And did we mention there are 4500 varieties of potato to discover in Peru? Come taste the difference!
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World Potato Congress Inc is organizer of the World Potato Congress, held every three year and covering all aspects of the potato chain.