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Pringles LOUD offers five new bold flavors - but leaves out the potato...

Pringles LOUD offers five new bold flavors - but leave out the potato...

Pringles launches a new line of snacks in five bold flavors: Pringles LOUD

January 12, 2017
Everyone knows that Pringles® majors in flavor, and now, the snackable crisps are introducing a bold, new line-up – Pringles LOUD.

The crunchy corn- and grain & veggie-based crisps are layered with flavor, and available in five mouthwatering varieties.

  • Fiery Chili Lime: The corn crisps will blast your taste buds with spicy tomato flavor, splash some lime and finish with a delicious heat.

  • Mighty Margherita Pizza: This grain & veggie crisp is layered with the classic ingredients of the popular pizza – tomato, basil and mozzarella – inspired by the colors of the Italian flag.

  • Salsa Fiesta: In Spanish, "salsa" means "sauce, and "fiesta" means "feast" – which traditionally involves a celebration. So, these corn-based Pringles are a saucy celebration in your mouth.

  • Spicy Queso: Who doesn't love delicious, melty cheese and peppers with corn crisps? Enough said.

  • Super Cheesy Italian: The main ingredient in any Italian dish – aside from parmesan and herbs – is enjoying the meal with friends and family. Grab a can of these new grain & veggie Pringles and invite everyone you know to dig in.
Kurt Simon, director of marketing for Pringles:

"We're excited to introduce Pringles LOUD to all the snack rebels out there.”

“Fans craving a little food adventure are sure to love the LOUD crunch and flavor."
The Pringles LOUD line-up got a makeover from can to hand – revealing sleek, black packaging, five delicious tastes and two crunchy textures – which snack fans can find at retailers nationwide starting January 2017.

Lots of Flavor - Just don't go looking for the potato flavor you might expect from a Pringles snack: Unlike most of the other Pringles flavors, the Pringles LOUD line is made without our favorite potatoes.

But this is not the first time Pringles offers a potato-free snack. In 2012 a corn based tortilla chip was introduced. However, those were discontinued last year.

Check out for more information on the new LOUD line-up.
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The Kellogg Company is a manufacturer of ready-to-eat cereal and convenience food products. The Kellogg Company acquired the Pringles business from P&G in 2012.