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American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) and Food Marketing Institute (FMI) to co-locate headquarters

Office building in Arlington, Virginia, where in future both American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) and Food Marketing Institute (FMI) will have their headquarters (Courtesy: Google)

American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) President and CEO Alison Bodor recently announced that AFFI will co-locate its headquarters with the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) in Arlington, Virginia.

FMI is the national trade association that serves as the voice of the retail and wholesale supermarket industry, a key customer group for AFFI members.

Alison Bodor: AFFI President and CEO:

“I’m pleased to announce that AFFI’s offices will be relocated closer to Washington, D.C., to enhance AFFI’s ability to advocate for frozen.”

“AFFI and FMI are eager to explore additional operational efficiencies and ways to enhance member value from both organizations vested in the success of frozen foods and beverages.”

AFFI and FMI will also join forces during the upcoming AFFI Frozen Food Convention (AFFI-CON) on Monday, March 5, in Las Vegas.

FMI President and CEO Leslie Sarasin is slated to deliver the Industry Spotlight address: “The State of Food Retail and What It Means for Frozen.”

Leslie Sarasin, FMI President and CEO:

“Just as frozen foods bring diverse strengths and appeal to customers of retail stores across the nation, we look forward to exploring the infinite synergies that undoubtedly will emerge from having AFFI and FMI share office space, bringing greater efficiency and deeper levels of service to our respective members.”