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Burts Chips acquires popcorn manufacturer Savoury and Sweet Ltd

David Nairn, managing director of Burts, who will lead the newly formed business.

Burt’s Potato Chips have announced the purchase of Leicester’s Savoury & Sweet popcorn manufacturer for an undisclosed sum.

The acquisition, is the company’s first since the business was founded 20 years ago, and marks the first time the company has moved into the popcorn market as the company works towards its stated goal of becoming the biggest player in premium snacking sector in the United Kingdom.

David Nairn, managing director of Burts Chips:

“The Burts business has grown significantly over the last five years, from £11.4m (US$15.4 million) in 2013 to an anticipated £37m (US$50 million) post-acquisition for 2017.”

“While impressive, our ambition is to drive the business to over £100m in the next five years to become the UK’s biggest player within premium snacking.”

“This is an exciting time for everyone working at Burts and Savoury & Sweet. NPD is high on our agenda and we are looking forward to bringing new and exciting innovation that will challenge the current UK snack market.”

A Savoury & Sweet statement says this “exciting step for both businesses” will effectively create one the leading UK-owned premium snacking companies – bringing together Burts’ impressive potato chip business with the popcorn and healthy snack operation that exclusively makes products for UK household name brands.

Savoury & Sweet will become part of the Burts business, with the production facility, offices and warehouse remaining in Leicester, England and all members of staff will be retained in order meet all current and future orders.

It will continue to operate under the existing brand name for now but will be rebranded as Burts Snacks in due course.