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Dutch Ambassador inaugurates Mooij Agro Potato Storage in Algeria

During a tour of the new storage facilities, Mr. Robert van Embden, the Dutch Ambassador in Algeria, takes a look at the computer control that assures optimal conditions in the storages

Recently, Mooij Agro delivered a new box storage system for potatoes to Algeria. This potato storage is installed at Agrico Algérie, formerly named Sig Agro, a subsidiary of Agrico NL.

The storage consists of 4 cells, of which 2 are dedicated for potatoes. The installation is especially designed for the hot climate of Algeria.

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The storage was built for Agrico Algérie, formerly named Sig Agro, a subsidiary of the Agrico cooperative in the Netherlands.

The inauguration took place in the presence of the Dutch Ambassador in Algeria, Mr. Robert van Embden. The ceremony was carried out by Mr. Salah El Affani, Wali (governor) of the Wilaya (Province).

The opening was a great success, with a lot of local visitors.

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Box Potato Storage

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Sorting and filling of the boxes

The first results of the storage are very good. The potatoes are coming out in a very good condition.

Mooij Agro sees a lot of opportunities to build more potato storages in Algeria.