McDonalds Japan added carbonara fries that are inspired by the classic pasta dish

McDonald's Japan Carbonara fries

Pasta takes a back seat for a minute with McDonald's latest menu item, 'Carbonara' fries. Have you heard anything as beautiful as those two words together?

Following the popularity of its tomato-based 'Cheese Bolognese' fries in February, McDonald's Japan has decided to top its iconic French fries with a creamy sauce this time round.

To be frank, the 'Carbonara' here isn't based on the authentic version, which doesn't even involve cream, but you probably won't be disappointed—the fries come with a three-cheese pouring sauce with smoky bacon bits, salt and black pepper.

McDonald's Japan

These fries are priced at only JP¥390 (US$3.50) a serving, and can now be ordered in most outlets across Japan.