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Potato Packer and Processor Quik's shows new building and its product range

From left to Right: Peter Quik senior, Gerrit Oomen, Peter Quik junior, Jurriaan Oudejans and Andries Quik

'All about potatoes' is the Quik's Quality Potatoes motto. The company, based in Hedel, the Netherlands, can rightfully make this claim. They have been active in the potato market for more than 85 years.

Through these years, they have grown into an important player on the potato market. They trade in fresh potatoes (Quik's Fresh Potatoes) and chilled potato products and specialities (Quik's Potato Products).

The recently completed new building was an excuse to invite business associates for a get-together. On Thursday, April 12, many people in the potato world made use of this opportunity.

Neighbours, family and other invited guests had an opportunity to tour the facilities on Saturday April 14.

Gerrit Oomen, Director at Quik's Fresh Potatoes held an opening speech:

“From unpeeled pre-packaged potatoes to chilled, processed potato products. We have a range here for every sector of the market. This is thanks to the approval of you, as clients or suppliers.”

“The potato has been an important part of the meal for centuries. The consumption of fresh potatoes has been slowly decreasing in recent years.”

“We, however, remain positive about potatoes. We still see ample opportunities to surprise consumers. These opportunities include eating potatoes at other times besides main meal times."

Gerrit understands how vital it is to invest in quality.

Gerrit Oomen:

“We have to deal with extreme weather influences. The rising temperatures are also threatening the storage life of potatoes in the Netherlands. We, along with our growers, have overcome this.”

“We have invested in box storage and ultra-modern cooling and warming cells. I am convinced of one thing - quality is rewarded, particularly in the long term.”

“It is not about volumes. Try to distinguish yourself. Then you are on the right track.”

Mayor of Maasdriel, Heny van Kooten, pointed out Quik's importance to the region's economy. The company has 100 fulltime employees. He indicated that the construction of the new building at the edge of the town - a simple solution to a difficult situation - would not have been possible without Andries Quik's quiet diplomacy.

Peter Quik is the current director of Quik's Potato Products. He led attendees through a history of the potato company established in 1932 by Hendrik Quik. He used to peddle potatoes in nearby Den Bosch. His sons, Andries and Peter Quik took over the business. This made H. Quik and Sons C.C. a reality. Andries does the commerce side of things and has the final say. Peter focuses on the technical side of the business.

Since then, the company has expanded steadily, with the latest step in this expansion the construction of the new building.