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Italian potato consortium increasingly working together

Massimo Cristiani (Courtesy: FreshPlaza)

Massimo Cristiani (Courtesy: FreshPlaza)

May 17, 2019
The Emilia Romagna potato segment is finally working as a system as Consorzio Patata Italiana di Qualità l'Op regionale Agripat and Consorzio Patata di Bologna Dop organised a collective stand at Macfrut.

Selenella president Massimo Cristiani and Consorzio Patata di Bologna Dop president Davide Martelli:

“It has been an excellent year, but we still need to focus on research activities to improve pre and post-harvesting and achieve a better quality.”
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Davide Martelli and Massimo Cristiani (Courtesy: FreshPlaza)

Selenella agronomist Giacomo Accinelli also attended the fair:

“Most crops are located in Emilia Romagna, but we also work with producers from other parts of Italy (e.g. Sicily and Puglia) to guarantee continuous supplies. Harvesting in Puglia will start around June 10th and we also have some crops in Lazio as well.”

"We focus a lot on varietal renewal as we want to maintain quality standards high also thanks to more efficient and eco-friendly irrigation and defense techniques."
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Davide Martelli (Courtesy: FreshPlaza)

Selenella also favored the cultivation of new potatoes in hilly areas in Emilia Romagna. They used to be grown there once but the crop had been abandoned, now they are back.

1500 hectares of potatoes part of the consortium are grown in the area between Bologna, Ferrara, Ravenna and Forlì, plus there are another 250 in Sicily.
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