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Jason Gerrie, General Manager of Wyma Europe and Wyma UK

Jason Gerrie, General Manager of Wyma Europe and Wyma UK

The fresh vegetable industry in Europe and the United Kingdom is undergoing rapid and exciting change at present says Jason Gerrie, General Manager of Wyma Europe and Wyma UK.

Having been in the industry for almost 20 years, as well as leading Wyma’s companies in Europe and the United Kingdom, Jason is no stranger to development in the industry.

But it is the current pace of change that is exciting and highly motivating, especially for a customer-focused company such as Wyma.

Jason Gerrie, General Manager of Wyma Europe and Wyma UK:
“Customer demands for cost reductions, increased production efficiency, shorter, faster supply chains, and simple yet smart automation are driving this change, as well as a continued drive towards industry 4.0-capable solutions and more stringent industry requirements around safety and environmental concerns.”

“Finding practical solutions to these issues is at the core of what we do every day. Our teams are passionate about adding real value for our customers, calling on decades of post-harvest expertise and the wealth of knowledge we have accumulated over time.”

“This translates to a great customer experience with tangible benefits and an improved return on investment being realized.”

To ensure customers are well serviced and supported locally, Wyma continues to invest heavily into its business operations in Europe and the UK.

The next 12 months alone will see new and larger facilities for both Wyma UK and Wyma Europe, a further increase in EU-based production capabilities, and additional, highly skilled local staff in automation, sales, project management, and engineering.

Jason Gerrie:

“We will also be increasing support to customers by holding more stock locally and making further advances in existing remote support services (such as the Smartline™ remote monitoring system).”
Wyma has several exciting new products and services in the pipeline for release soon, designed to address key customer needs and help them improve their products and performance in the future.

Jason Gerrie:
“Our aim is simple.”

“We must add real value to our customers by delivering highly efficient vegetable production plants and great customer experiences. To do this we need highly-skilled, local teams who understand our current and future customers and their businesses.”