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Algeria will again import potatoes

Algeria will again import potatoes

After several years of self-sufficiency, Algeria will start importing potatoes again. The reason is that the prices of this basic product have soared on the market, in some areas exceeding 140 dinars (about USD 0.096) per kilogram.

On Sunday, March 13, an official from the Ministry of Commerce confirmed the forthcoming import of 100,000 tons, including 30,000 tons to be purchased immediately, that is to say before the month of Ramadan which risks seeing prices increase further and more strongly.

The objective of the measure is to pull prices down by rebalancing supply and demand, by compensating for the quantities that are lacking on the market due to the decline in production or speculation. According to official estimates, Algerian agriculture produces around USD 25 billion each year and covers, year after year, 70% of internal consumption.

The country is indeed self-sufficient in vegetables and certain seasonal fruits, but as shown by the potato crisis after several years of stability during which there was even thought of exporting surpluses, these are precarious performances that ‘poor rainfall or a poorly-thought-out administrative decision can call into question.
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