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Consumer trends impacting Fresh Potatoes

Elena speaking at IFPA's Brazil Conference: diving into robotics and other future food trends

December 19, 2022
Elena Ozeritskaya is the founder and managing director of Fresh Insight. Her mission is to help fresh food companies develop and launch meaningful products and brands for consumers.

Elena Ozeritskaya:
"I am always intrigued about 'why' consumers behave in a certain way and how food brands and products can benefit from that."
Following that inspiration, Elena has created a successful business that facilitates companies in category vision development, go-to-market strategies, concept development, consumer co-creation, and flavor storytelling.

Insight, Strategy & Design agency in Food:

Fresh Insight believes that food brands and innovations should be designed around consumer insights and trends to bring value and purpose to the consumer level.

Elena designs and holds keynote speeches and workshop sessions for corporate and industry events. Recently she has hosted two inspiring sessions in South Africa and Brazil at the annual IFPA Conference.

Hello New World – Elena's latest consumer trends update & keynote

Elena Ozeritskaya:
"My work evolves around finding out what the consumer wants, needs, and expects from our industry. Around how successful organizations and innovators are meeting challenges and making profits, and what to expect in the future as consumer expectations continue to evolve."
Consumer Trends

Consumer Trends

There are larger societal trends that are affecting the fresh produce industry. Generational trends, wokeness, freedom and flexibility in work and life, uncertainty due to war, pandemic, energy crisis, and inflation, and the search for green and sustainable solutions are creating a New World we need to understand and embrace.

In January Elena will hold a webinar on "Hello New World" consumer trends in relation to fresh potatoes going deeper into the latest trends and consumer drivers impacting the fresh potatoes business sharing strategies moving forward.
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