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Canadian Potato Storage Total Holdings Jan 11 2023
January 19, 2023
Total Canadian Potato Storage Holdings on January 11, 2023 are down slightly (-0.4%) over 2022 numbers for the same period, but are still 5.84% above the 3-yr. average, mostly due to the increased size of the crop in the last two years.

Demand overall is strong for both fresh and processing given the short crop in the United States, and they can see the pull in Western Canada with just over 37% of inventory already shipped based on harvest numbers until now.

Compared simply to 2022 figures for January, only Alberta and Manitoba have shown an increase in the number of potatoes in storage as of January 2023, both starting with larger crops this season. In contrast, Ontario and British Columbia are below in inventory compared to average for this time of year, but both started with a smaller crop at harvest this year.

Canadian Potato Storage Holdings (All Sectors) by Province

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Canadian Potato Storage Holdings (All Sectors) by Province

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