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World Potato Congress Webinar: Dr. Alex Karasev presents 'Potato Viruses: An Update'
The World Potato Congress is pleased to continue its webinar series and is extremely pleased to have Dr. Alex Karasev present 'Potato Viruses: An Update'.
Delivering food security and health for East Africa through resilient potatoes
Within this project, we aim to identify climate-resilient and disease-resistant potato varieties tailored to potato production systems in Kenya and Malawi.
Studying The Potato's Water Needs for More Efficient Irrigation
As countries expand agriculture to feed the population of approximately 9.7 billion forecasts for 2050, the FAO estimates that irrigated farming will need to increase by more than 50%.
COVID-19 crashes European potato processing
In mainland Europe the widespread closure of restaurants and other food service outlets has meant that demand for processed potato products has fallen significantly.
Lamb Weston Reports Fiscal Third Quarter 2020 Results
Last week Lamb Weston presented its Fiscal Third Quarter 2020 Results. The company withdraws its Fiscal Year 2020 Outlook due to Uncertainty from the COVID-19 Pandemic’s Effect on Global Restaurant Traffic and Consumer Demand.
Patatas Lázaro duplica su producción para afrontar la punta de demanda provocada por el coronavirus
La compañía refuerza su plantilla en un 25%. Se extreman los estándares de seguridad alimentaria. Recientemente LZR lanzó su nueva marca Freshnatur. La dirección destaca 'el compromiso y la dedicación de los trabajadores'.
De Holanda a Écija para lograr la mejor variedad de patata
Meijer Ibérica está detrás de las patatas más sembradas en España y más demandadas por la industria.
Cavendish Farms to potato growers: Sell to someone else, if you can
COVID-19-related restaurant closures lead to ‘curtailment’ of french fry production. Cavendish Farms has advised the P.E.I. potato producers under contract to supply the company with spuds to 'sell to other markets if they can'.
Monday, April 6, 2020