Berta Redondo Benito, Secretary General Europatat
September 01, 2020
The Board of Europatat, the European Potato Trade Association, is pleased to announce the appointment of Berta Redondo Benito as the new Secretary-General of the association, with effect as of 1st of September 2020.
Francia: 'Esperamos unos meses complicados en el mercado de la patata.'
August 31, 2020
'El mercado de la patata está bastante pesado en este momento, con más oferta que demanda, debido a la precocidad de las recogidas en Beauce y a que el consumo en los hogares sigue siendo limitado.'
Bruselas aprueba un plan búlgaro de 29 millones de euros para ayudar a ganaderos y productores de patatas afectados por el coronavirus.
August 31, 2020
La Comisión Europea ha aprobado un plan búlgaro de aproximadamente 29 millones de euros para ayudar a los agricultores que crían rumiantes grandes y pequeños y a los productores de patatas afectados por el brote de coronavirus.
Salamanca: La poca patata a la venta 'salva' el inicio de una campaña difícil.
August 31, 2020
Cerrada parte de la hostelería, de momento hay demanda aunque los precios son bajos. Ya ha comenzado a arrancarse la patata sembrada en la segunda tanda.
Good Health Introduces New Organic Cheese Snacks
August 28, 2020
Good Health®, a member of the Utz Quality Foods family of brands, is launching Good Health® Organic with the introduction of Baked Cheese Puffs and
Baked Cheese Fries!
New study on measuring efficiency in potato landraces: How far are we from the optimum?
August 28, 2020
A new publication by scientists from the International Potato Center (CIP) highlights the usefulness of combining crop growth model, remote sensing, and plant ecophysiological tools to assess genetic efficiencies in potato landraces.
AVR and DacomFarm Intelligence offer field data on a silver platter
August 28, 2020
Less cultivating equipment required by cleverly combining field and machine data. This data is displayed on the digital platform AVR Connect, offering the farmer improved, real time insights into what is going on inside the machine, how it is operating, and how the process can be made more efficient.
Binegaaa! potato chips: Calbee educates Japan on salt & vinegar
August 28, 2020
Salt & vinegar may be a popular flavor in the United States (4th place) and even more so in the UK (2nd place), but it ranks nowhere in the top choices for Japanese consumers, who usually prefer plain salted, nori seaweed and salt, beef or chicken stock (consomme), sour cream or wasabi.
Fabcon marks fifth year anniversary as it cements industry position
August 28, 2020
British food processing equipment manufacturer Fabcon Food Systems has marked its fifth anniversary after growing internationally and securing contracts with over 100 customers.
Mongolia fully self-sufficient for wheat and potato, says agriculture minister
August 28, 2020
The Agricultural Minister of Mongolia, Zagdjav Mendsaikhan said the Asian country is expected to harvest 487,600 tons of wheat and 237,000 tons of potato this autumn
Interpom 2021
August 27, 2020
The Potato Industry Trade Show Interpom that was scheduled later this year in Kortrijk Xpo (Belgium) is postponed until November 2021
Context of the 2019 campaign, COVID-19 and consequences for the 2020 campaign
August 25, 2020
Covid-19 has shaken up all predictions and profoundly changed the fundamentals of the 2019 campaign in France and the rest of Europe. On the French fresh market, it has meant a revival in terms of household consumption.