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     Caldo Verde Potato Soup
    After Chris Voigt’s successful 60 days of nothing but potatoes, he promised a series of healthy and tasty potato recipes in response to the requests of all the fans.
    The Washington State Potato Commission now has posted the first 21 recipes for consumers to consume.  
    In response to all the fans who wrote Voigt wanting the recipes he used during the 60-day diet, the Commission engaged recipe developer, food writer and Chef David Bonom to create potato recipes that are healthy and tastier than Voigt’s Spartan diet fare. Bonom originated handy delicacies ranging from Cinnamon-topped Potato Breakfast Bread to Cheesy Romano Oven Fries.  
    And the tasty, fun and conveniently user-friendly dishes can be whipped up and served knowing they meet the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010. Issued by the US Department of Agriculture and US Department of Health and Human Services, the Guidelines are reviewed, updated if necessary and published every five years. Potatoes are listed in the most recent issue as the #1 food source of potassium, with 738 mg for a standard portion. Potatoes also provide two of the key “shortfall” nutrients identified by the Guidelines Advisory Committee — potassium and fiber. 
    Approximately 40 new recipes will be posted to the website, photographed and compiled into a recipe book for distribution. Check them out at www.20potatoesaday.com