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     the disputed flag on Estrellas chip package (Source: The local)
    Swedish chip brand Estrella are going to replace the Union Jack with an Irish tricolour following a request from an Irishman based in Sweden to correctly illustrate the history of salt and vinegar flavoured snacks.

    Niall Mullins, 37, who resides in Borås, western Sweden, wrote an angry email to Estrella demanding they replace the British flag with an Irish one instead. The packaging on the brand's Salt &Vinegar chips tells the story of "Irishman"Joe 'Spud' Murphy who invented the flavour with a Union Jack underneath the tale.

    Mullins was irked by the accompanying picture after the text which said;"It was an Irishman named Joe 'Spud' Murphy who had grown tired of salt flavoured chips so then launched Salt &Vinegar and Cheese and Onion."

    Estrella replied to Mullins, who has resided in Sweden since 2001, that they apologised "profusely"for the error and will "correct this as soon as the next batch goes to print."