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Ishida unpacks at Snackex, Istanbul
Ishida will underline its market leadership in snacks packing solutions at Snackex Istanbul, showcasing a packing system for salt sticks and the iTPS™, the world’s only fully integrated weigher and bagmaker system from a single manufacturer.

The Ishida salt sticks packing system allows producers of fragile stick shaped snack products to maximise handling efficiency and packing speeds while minimising product breakage. It comprises a specially-designed Ishida multihead weigher combined with the company’s advanced Atlas-204 ultrasonic bagmaker. Ishida says the system can reduce breakages by 30% compared with similar salt stick systems while delivering a top speed of up to 110 bags per minute.

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The Ishida sticks solution combines the unrivalled speed and accuracy of an Ishida multihead weigher with modifications based on the company's many years of experience in weighing high production volumes of salt sticks

The weigher features specially shaped feeder troughs which help contain and direct the sticks, together with a funnel to ease the transition from feeder trough to weigh hopper. After weighing, an innovative alignment system gathers the sticks together in uniform order and gently transfers them into the bagmaker.

The Atlas 204-USS ultrasonic bagmaker offers significant reductions in film and energy consumption to deliver excellent cost savings and sustainability benefits. Its ultrasonic technology uses sound pulses to agitate the molecules within the film, which causes them to vibrate and creates the heat required to seal the pack at the exact point where the seal is needed. Each pack is sealed from the inside out to provide an overall stronger and more homogenous seal.

Film usage is substantially less – with the depth of the back seal, for example, reduced from 13mm to just 6mm – delivering an overall film saving of 11%, while energy savings of 40% can be achieved compared to standard heat-generated back and end seal operations.

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Ishida’s ITPS Snack Packaging System integrates the weigher and bagmaker into one unit, with a single control panel, for maximum snack packaging performance.

Ishida’s iTPS™ (Integrated Total Packaging System) software supports the integrated operation of a 14-head Ishida RV multihead weigher and Atlas-124 bagmaker, providing controlled handling of fragile snack products for fewer breakages and excellent return on floor space.

The RV is Ishida’s newest multihead weigher which delivers the highest levels of accuracy of any multihead weigher and, in addition to consistent weighing at close-to-zero giveaway, is now some 15% faster. With the Atlas’s innovative double rotary jaw motion and superior control technology, the system offers speeds of up to 200 bpm with accurate film registration and tight bag seals while minimising raw material waste, film loss and downtime for film changes.

You can find Ishida at the Snackex in Istanbul in stand 233.