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Avebe launches potato based clean label solutions for meat applications

Avebe launches a portfolio of potato based, cost-effective clean label solutions for meat applications.

The key challenge for meat manufacturers is how to reduce costs or clean up the label, without compromising on quality. Avebe has created a portfolio of potato ingredients, based on potato protein, potato starch and potato fibers, specifically targeted for the meat industry. Avebe's toolbox of ingredients is able to serve the customer needs on clean(er) label and cost control, while maintaining the product quality.

During the IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo Chicago, USA | July 16-19, 2016 Avebe will launch this toolbox.

Almost 1 out of 3 US consumers wants ‘clean label’

While cost effectiveness is a continuous requirement to stay competitive, the shift towards a cleaner label is a growing trend. Consumers are more and more conscious about what they buy and eat. According to Innova (2015), 28 percent of US consumers claim that ‘clean label’ is a factor that influences their purchasing decision when shopping for foods or beverages across all categories. This sets the challenge for meat manufacturers to meet these requirements while staying cost effective.

Meeting your customer needs without compromising on texture and taste

In various applications (the combination of) Avebe's potato starches and potato protein offer unique opportunities. Avebe's potato starches are functional waxy potato starches with very high and stable water binding capacity. It is non-GM, allergen-free and a clean(er) label is obtained by making the use of soy, carrageenan and phosphates redundant. Avebe's functional potato protein Solanic® offers advantages such as good emulsification properties, non-GM, kosher- and halal certified and no allergen labeling necessary.

Tests have proven that for example in meat products based on lower quality meat (e.g. MDM) Avebe's solutions provide a cost-effective and clean(er) label, while maintaining a high quality.

To find out more about the Avebe toolbox visit Avebe at booth #3379 at IFT Chicago, 16-19 July 2016 or contact Avebe's local sales department!