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Heat and Control will return to Foodpro in 2017

Profood 2017 will take place in the brand new International Convention Centre Exhibition Building in Sydney Darling Harbour, Australia. You can find Heat and Control at Booth i41

Leading suppliers of processing and packaging machinery to the global food industry – Heat and Control – are returning to Foodpro in 2017 to showcase their latest and most innovative products available on the Australian market.

Whether you produce snack foods, meat-based products, ready-made meals, beverages of any kind, pharmaceuticals, or anything in between, Heat and Control has a wide range of equipment which can be specifically tailored to meet your business needs during any stage of your processing and packaging operations.

Foodpro 2017 runs from July 16-19 at the new International Convention Centre Exhibition Building in Sydney Darling Harbour, Australia. You can find Heat and Control at Booth I 41

Radio Frequency Defrosting Technology

Radio Frequency Defrosting: STALAM RF1 x 7KW

For the first time on a Heat and Control tradeshow booth, Heat and Control will have on display the STALAM Radio Frequency (RF) defrosting technology, which can defrost a wide range of products including meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruit and dairy products within minutes.

The STALAM Radio Frequency (RF) defrosting technology can rapidly generate heat volumetrically within the product, and the heating process is uniform and controlled, resulting in a significant reduction of drip losses.

Equipment on show:

  • STALAM RF1 x 7KW

Inspection systems

Ishida DACS checkweigher combined with a CEIA MS21 Metal Detector

Heat and Control will be displaying the latest X-ray systems and metal detectors from world-class manufacturers Ishida and CEIA.

Ishida are renowned for building some of the most robust X-ray detection systems that safely and effectively inspect your products for foreign matter such as bone, stone and glass; and defects such as shading variations, cracks and splits. X-ray emissions from Ishida machines are safe for the operator, with exposure only taking place within the inspection tunnel, and for the inspected products themselves, with X-ray absorption well below 0.1 Gy.

CEIA are leaders in metal detection systems for a wide range of industries, including food and pharmaceuticals. Their range of THS detectors identify both magnetic and nonmagnetic metals, including high-resistivity stainless steel. An automatic tracking function cancels out any variation caused by the product being inspected, which significantly reduces false alarms and in turn reduces production downtime and product loss. The THS line of metal detectors have been adopted by leading companies in the food, chemical, textile and pharmaceutical fields.

Equipment on show:

  • Ishida IX-GA-4075 – X-ray Inspection System
  • Ishida DACS-EL – Checkweigher
  • CEIA MS21 – Metal Detector

Slicing, dicing and everything in between

The versatile Urschel TranSlicer 2510 Cutter

Global specialists in size reduction technology for the food industry, Urschel, will be on show with their line of high performance equipment that dices, slices, strips, granulates, and shreds at high production capacities.

Heat and Control will be showcasing one of Urschel’s most popular products – the Urschel Translicer 2510 Cutter. Ideally suited for leafy vegetables, its popular applications include: romaine, iceberg, kale, radicchio, cabbage, spinach, celery, cucumbers, eggplant, honeydew, cantaloupe, and leek.

The TranSlicer features several different interchangeable 635mm diameter cutting wheels (slicing, crinkle slicing, shredding, and julienne) to produce a full range of slices, shreds, and julienne cuts at the highest capacities found in the TranSlicer line.

Weighing, sorting and packaging

Ishida WM-AI – Automatic Wrapper with Integrated Scale and Label Applicator

Heat and Control offers the latest technology to weigh, sort and package your products as efficiently and effectively as possible, without compromising health and safety.

Ishida’s new WM-AI automatic wrapper with integrated scale and label applicator will also be on show. This machine can process up to 35 packs per minute from small to large trays, and has a unique two-film roll mechanism and high speed printing at 120mm/sec.

It has an increased wrapping weight capacity of up to 6 kg, outstanding product and tray height detections system, and innovative automatic wrapping torque control system.

Equipment on show:

  • Ishida WM-AI – Automatic Wrapper with Integrated Scale and Label Applicator
  • Ishida IP-Ai – Weigher/labeller
  • Ishida UNI-5-P – Labeller
  • Ishida IPC-30-S – Scale
  • Ishida IWB-30 – Scale

With over 65 years of experience, Heat and Control are specialists in providing complete turnkey solutions to any processing line.

From concept, testing and installation, to after-sales service and support, Heat and Control’s team of technicians, engineers and product experts have the knowledge to ensure your systems are up and running smoothly and optimised for your product specifications.

Foodpro 2017 runs from July 16-19 at the International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour. Visit Heat and Control at booth i41 to find out more, or head to heatandcontrol.com or email info@heatandcontrol.com.