Hybricol Food Technologies presents new product concept: baked potato sausages

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Baked potato sausages

Baked potato sausages

januari 17, 2022

Hybricol, a Dutch company active in the food ingredients business, shared a concept shaped potato product with PotatoPro: baked potato sausages.

The ideas behind this concept are sustainability, circularity, a new concept for Vegan lovers and reducing the Carbon Footprint of the Potato processing industry, as during the production of Fries and Chips there can be significant amounts of (fried) waste.

Approximately 10% peel and a big amount of Fried waste. This is a waste stream that currently has a low economic value. But it is an excellent starting material for this concept. This product can be formed in any dimension as a strand of in this case a potato formulation surrounded by an edible casing.

Pre-cooked potato sausages

Pre-cooked potato sausages

Hybricol took the Potato as a starting point because of the total amount of waste available due to the size of the industry. But aternatively sweet potato can be used, Broccoli. Carrots, Rice, as long as the raw material has a good adhesion. Using triple co-extrusion, it's possible to create a center of a different kind of material, for example a vegetableto lower the amount of carbohydrates.

This concept fits in the Vegan, Healthy Food, and sustainable food production with a reduced carbon footprint. Hybricol focuses on this kind of developments and concepts. And they are not afraid to develop and produce the production equipment as well when it's not available in the market or simply not good enough. Hybricol wants to be a Food technology and Food ingredients company.

Hybricol Innovations that excites

(Click to download the full report | PDF) Hybricol Inovations that excites

Fresh potato sausages

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