Canada’s Farm Show 2024

Continues as Scheduled
In person only

Canada’s Farm Show (CFS), an annual event brings exhibitors, producers, and international buyers together for an exhilarating three-day show. As one of North America’s biggest and most important agricultural shows, CFS showcases the latest equipment and technology, attracting thousands of visitors from Canada and around the world.

At Canada’s Farm Show, there’s something for everyone. One can dive into educational sessions to learn more about the ins and outs of the agricultural business. It’s also a prime opportunity to market your products to a global audience and get a glimpse of the industry’s freshest innovations.

The audience or visitors can have the chance to learn from informative sessions and make valuable connections with others. Plus, one can get to see firsthand the latest and greatest advancements in agriculture.

It’s an opportunity to dive into a world of knowledge, meet new people, and witness the cutting-edge of farming technology.

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