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Potato Days 2020 Live

Nov 04, 2020 -
Continues as Scheduled
Online only

The Potato Days are a well-known event in the potato sector. Every year in November the event is organized by various companies, including potato breeder HZPC. Also this year, Wednesday November 4, 2020 is the day. That day the Potato Days Live will take place at HZPC's partners’ homes. The theme is Let's connect!

Potato Days

The annual Potato Days is the leading event in the potato sector. Professionals from the potato chain come together from all corners of the world to experience the latest potato varieties and to network. Making connections is central.

Meetings in large groups is of course unthinkable at the moment. Fortunately, the digital domain offers the potato breeder HZPC many opportunities to connect in creative ways.

Let's connect

This year will be a special edition.

Patrick Overwijk, communication manager at HZPC:

“With Potato Days Live we present a new way to connect.”

“A unique digital potato experience for all our growers, customers, partners and other potato professionals and enthusiasts.”

“We come together in our virtual studio, talk about the latest developments, surprise our partners with inspiring presentations and of course we present our most important varieties.”

Wednesday November 4th, visitors of the Potato Days Live will be connected. At the digital event, speakers like Pedro Sousa (McDonald's) and Gerard Backx (HZPC) will share experiences about the special time companies are going through because of COVID-19. They look for opportunities to support and strengthen each other.

HZPC also allows its growers and partners to talk about how they can make a bigger contribution to the global food supply. Topics that come to the fore are: the relationship with potatoes and microbiomes, cooperation in the potato sector, potato varieties that can grow anywhere...

From anywhere in the world, potato professionals can participate in the event; time zones are taken into account and the event is translated into multiple languages. More information about the program and registration can be found at