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Webinar: New Waxy Potato Starch Solutions for Snack Products

Dec 16, 2020
Continues as Scheduled
Online only

Emsland Group’s EMWAXY® is based on high amylopectin potatoes, containing more than 99% amylopectin.

Being specialized in the production, application and supply of vegetable ingredients, the Emsland Group is able to promote constant growth and demand for healthy and genuine ingredients.

In close cooperation with their partners, the Emsland Group has now developed high amylopectin potatoes EMWAXY® product range. EMWAXY® is a natural potato variety being cultivated through traditional, non-GMO breeding techniques.

EMWAXY® is a new amylopectin potato starch giving unique performance in the final products of our customers. It can provide new and appealing innovative textures. This opens the door to a completely new range of great snack products in the market place.

Key learning objectives:

  • Formulation example in sheeted baked & fried snacks
  • Features and Benefits of EMWAXY® in nut coatings
  • EMWAXY® Results in snack pellet application
  • Emsland Group as one stop shopping opportunity for snack ingredients

These unique characteristics of EMWAXY® serves todays trends e.g. easy handling, natural, cost in use, non-GMO, kosher & halal, non-allergenic as well as clean label opportunities.

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There will also be a live Q&A at the conclusion of the presentation.