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The Emsland Group is an internationally operating company that manufactures innovative products for the processing industry based on raw materials from vegetables.

The Emsland Group products are essential elements in a wide range of food applications. They also provide a wide range of products in the dried potato products segment of the food retail sector under the Mecklenburger Küche brand.

The Emsland Group offers customized product solutions for their customers in the areas of adhesives, flocking agents, construction additives, textile applications and filter materials.

More of their quality products are used in high-quality animal feed for domestic and farm animals.

Potatoes and peas as the foundation for success

The renewable raw materials potatoes and peas are the foundation of their product developments. Trusting and close collaboration with their raw material suppliers is a prerequisite for developing pioneering products in harmony with nature.

The focus is placed on the production of native and modified starches, fibers and proteins, as well as potato flakes and granules.

Using nature to create

The Emsland Group is committed to innovation above all else. The decades of experience their employees have combined with the most modern facilities for food technology together flow into the ultramodern 'Emsland Innovation Germany' to create customized product solutions for their customers.

In the areas of development and analysis, which meet the most up-to-date technology standards, they are living up to teir motto "using nature to create" on a daily basis.
(Click picture to watch video) Emsland Group Corporate presentation

Emsland Group Corporate presentation


News for this Company

Emsland Group's Major Expansion: Doubling Potato Flake Production in Emlichheim
February 04, 2024

Emsland Group plans to Double its Potato Flake Production Capacity in Emlichheim, Germany

The Emsland Group presents its plan to expand potato flake production in Emlichheim, Germany The company is planning total investments in the mid double-digit million range.
Andre Heilemann as new Head of Research and Development of Emsland Group
October 01, 2022

Andre Heilemann Head of Research and Development at Emsland Group

Earlier this year, Andre Heilemann took over as Head of Research and Development at Emsland Group from Henk Jaap Meijer. Here is a brief introduction of Andre Heilemann and his background.
The Emsland Group completes EUR 30 million (about USD 33 million) investment at Emlichheim location
January 08, 2022

The Emsland Group completes EUR 30 million investment at Emlichheim location

The Emsland Group has completed the construction of a 750 m2 building that holds new roller drying units with autoclaves. Nicknamed 'WaltrAut', the facility was designed for the production of plant-based products
Henk-Jaap Meijer back at Research and Development at Emsland Group
August 17, 2021

Henk-Jaap Meijer back at Research and Development at Emsland Group

Since October Henk-Jaap Meijer is back at Research & Development of Emsland Group.