Variety Name: AdoraRights Holder | Breeder: A.D. MULDERCountry of Origin: Netherlands NetherlandsYear of of introduction: 1990Parentage: PRIMURA

The Adora potato is an early to mid-season variety from the Netherlands, known for its smooth, pale yellow skin and bright yellow flesh. It offers a buttery, creamy flavor with a firm yet tender texture, making it versatile for boiling, baking, roasting, and mashing. 

Adora potatoes are high-yielding, resistant to common diseases, and provide good nutritional value, including vitamins C and B6, potassium, and dietary fiber.

  • Skin: Adora potatoes have smooth, pale yellow to light brown skin. 
  • Flesh: The flesh is bright yellow, which is characteristic of many high-quality European varieties. 
  • Flavor and Texture: Adora potatoes are known for their buttery and creamy flavor, making them a favorite in many culinary dishes. The texture is firm yet tender, ideal for a variety of cooking methods. 
  • Cooking Uses: These potatoes are versatile and can be used for boiling, baking, roasting, and mashing. Their creamy texture and rich flavor make them especially well-suited for making mashed potatoes and gratins. 
  • Nutritional Value: Adora potatoes are a good source of vitamins, particularly vitamin C and B6, and minerals such as potassium. They also provide dietary fiber and are relatively low in calories, making them a healthy addition to meals. 
  • Growth and Yield: Adora is an early to mid-season variety, meaning it matures relatively quickly. It produces high yields, making it a productive choice for growers. 
  • Disease Resistance: Adora potatoes have good resistance to common potato diseases, including some strains of potato blight and scab. This resistance helps ensure a reliable crop and reduces the need for chemical treatments.

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