Variety Name: AlegriaRights Holder | Breeder: NORIKACountry of Origin: Germany GermanyYear of of introduction: 2003
Alegria is a high yielding, dual-purpose yellow fleshed variety. Its combination of early main crop maturity, a proven fresh cut french fry record, and the ability to fresh pack as well, makes this a very flexible option for growers.
  • Utilization: Fresh and Processing Markets
  • Maturity: Maincrop (95-105 DAP)
  • Yield: High to very high
  • Skin Color: Yellow, slightly textured
  • Flesh Color: Light yellow
  • Tuber Shape: Oval
  • Tuber Size: medium to Large
  • Tuber Set: 10-12
  • Dry Matter: 20.0-21.0 %
  • Dormancy: Medium
  • Storage: Medium to long
Variety Strengths:
  • High marketable yield
  • Early rapid emergence
  • Moderate to high resistance to Common scab
  • Semi tolerance to Heat and Drought
  • Moderate to high resistance to Black scurf
  • Moderate to high resistance to PVY and PVA, PLRV and PVX viruses
  • Moderate resistant to mechanical handling and bruising
  • Low incidence to Secondary growth, Growth cracks and Hollow heart
  • Moderate resistance to Late blight in foliage
  • Resistant to Golden Nematode (Ro.1+4)
  • Good eating qualities and good taste profile
Alegria produces oval tubers with shallow eyes. Excellent all round eating quality and very suitable for pre-packing and processing into french fries and porogies. Processing quality is excellent into April. Alegria is a very grower-friendly variety.

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