Variety Name: ChenoaRights Holder | Breeder: INTERSEED POTATOES GMBHCountry of Origin: Germany GermanyYear of of introduction: 2017
CHENOA is a medium early potato variety which has due to the long and uniform shape a very good suitability for processing French Fries. Because of very good storage characteristics Chenoa is well suited for long term storage.

  • Very low susceptibility for damage and bruises
  • Excellent suited for long term storage due to a low content of reducing sugars risk and a strong dormancy
  • Good tolerance to periods of drought and heat
  • Not susceptible for growth cracks
  • Highly tolerant against common scab, internal spraing and soft rot
  • Resistance against nematodes Ro1, 4 (9) partially Ro 2,3
  • Resistance against wart disease 1 (slightly susceptible); 6 (8)

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