Variety Name: CultraRights Holder | Breeder: OAKPARK INSTITUTECountry of Origin: Ireland IrelandYear of of introduction: 1986
Cultra has a white skin with pink eyes and a cream flesh.It is probably the most popular home grown white potato in the country.

The potato is slightly waxier in texture with a good skin finish. The variety is suitable for baking,boiling steaming and roasting.

This is an Irish potato resembling King Edward. It is currently sold by the Co-Op, prepacked.

It is a maincrop, ready fairly early, with dry matter about the same as King Edward and an unusually good flavour. I first encountered this when visiting Ireland in 1988.

It was bred by TEAGASC, the state-funded agriculture and food development agency in Carlow, Southern Ireland.

  • Tuber skin colour: Part red
  • Tuber eye colour: Red
  • Primary tuber flesh colour: Cream
  • Tuber shape: Oval
  • Tuber eye depth: Medium
  • Tuber skin texture: Smooth
  • Maturity: Early to intermediate
  • Growth habit: Spreading to semi erect
  • Foliage cover: Moderate to good
  • Flower colour: White
  • Flower frequency: No flowers
  • Berries: No berries
  • Light sprout colour: Pink

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