Variety Name: DestinyRights Holder | Breeder: C. & J.J. SUELMANNCountry of Origin: Netherlands NetherlandsYear of of introduction: 2011
Destiny is in demand by crisp processors all year round due to its ideal processing characteristics, i.e. its specific round shape and medium tuber sizes, shallow eyes and high dry matter content.

It is a yellow skin potato, early maturing (90 days) and has a fairly good heat tolerance.
  • Kephis certified seed potatoes
  • Use: crisps and chips
  • Areas to be grown: suitable for all potato-growing regions
  • Maturity: early (3 months)
  • Yield potential: medium (12-15 tons/acre)
  • Tuber dormancy: short (1 month)
  • Dry matter: 24%

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