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Agrico introduces 4 new potato varieties in 'Polish salt mine' setting

November 13, 2011
It was the Polish king Jan III Sobieski who first introduced his subjects to the potato after a visit to Vienna in the 17th century. This was the start of a love affair, which resulted in Poland becoming one of the 10 largest potato producers in the world. Together with its subsidiary Agrico Polska Sp. z.o.o., Agrico has built a strong market share in this potato country through the introduction and marketing of the Agrico-varieties. That is why this edition of the Agrico-varieties and seedling exhibition put the spotlight on Poland as well as on four new varieties which have been included in the variety register.

At the moment, Poland produces roughly 9 million tonnes of potatoes. It is typical that approximately 70 percent of the total acreage is cultivated by companies with less than 2 hectares of potatoes. The acreage is under pressure, because small farmers and 'domestic cultivators' are ceasing production. At the same time, the production per hectare is increasing as a result of up-scaling and the accompanying professionalisation.

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An impression of Agrico's seed potato presentation in Polish salt mine setting

Companies in this Article
Agrico is a Dutch farmers cooperative of over 1,300 specialist potato growers, producing in excess of one million tonnes of seed and ware potatoes per year.
Agrico Polska Sp. z o.o. is a 70% subsidiary of Agrico.