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New Potato Varieties

Making a potato variety heat tolerant could be as simple as switching a single gene
Scientists have identified a version of a single gene involved in the heat stress response that is more active in potato types that can tolerate high temperature, potentially providing potato breeders a tool to make potato varieties less vulnerable to increased temperature.
New Zealand get's its own brand of low carb potatoes: 'Lotatoes™'
In New Zealand, produce company T&G is launching a new brand of low carb potatoes with the memorable name 'Lotatoes'.
Simplot postpones commercial introduction of Innate GMO potatoes in Canada
Simplot Plant Sciences will not commercially launch its Innate GMO potatoes in Canada this year, despite regulatory approval and interest among potato farmers to grow these new potatoes
Neiker Tecnalia to start field trial of potato varieties with benefits
NEIKER-Tecnalia is conducting research since 2014 with the objective to identify potato varieties with high levels of bioactive compounds (anthocyanins, phenols and total carotenoids - all having potential potential health benefits), and are adapted to the growing conditions in Spain.
Value HZPC certificates again increases by the maximum amount
The value of the certificate of share of HZPC Holding B.V., the world leader in potato breeding and seed potato trade, is determined on € 165.65 at the bi-annual stock trading day. This means again a maximum increase of the value of 10% and it brings the market value to € 129.8 million.
Genetically engineered potatoes approved for Maine
With little fanfare, the Maine Board of Pesticides Control unanimously approved on Friday morning the registration of three new types of genetically engineered potatoes that have been developed by Simplot Plant Sciences.
Colombia: Con mejoramiento genético se obtendrían papas tolerantes a sequías
Mediante el estudio del genoma de papas nativas de Nariño, una investigación en la Universidad Nacional de Colombia (U.N.) indaga secuencias de tolerancia a estrés por déficit de agua que permitan obtener papas comerciales con esta característica.
Thursday, May 11, 2017
From test tube to plate, UW–Madison program keeps potatoes clean
Years before that french fry landed on your plate, the plant that would eventually give rise to the spud your fry was cut from was sealed away deep in a secure-access building, growing slowly in a test tube inside a locked growth chamber.