125 years of HZPC awarded with Royal predicate

Royal HZPC group building

Royal HZPC group building

February 28, 2023
On Monday February 27, 2023, potato breeder HZPC celebrated its 125th anniversary. For HZPC, this was a day with an extra golden edge. Drs. A. A. M. Brok, Commissioner of the King of the Province of Friesland, also presented HZPC with the certificate for the predicate Royal on Monday afternoon in Joure.

A special recognition for the international market leader in the field of potato breeding, seed potato trading and product concept development.

Looking beyond its own boundaries

In the presence of Mayor Fred Veenstra of the municipality of De Fryske Marren, Gerard Backx, CEO of HZPC, received the predicate from the hands of the King's Commissioner. A special moment.

Gerard Backx:
"What we have learned in 125 years of HZPC is that it pays to look beyond our own boundaries. We did that at the time, we still do it now. We try to use our knowledge and expertise to contribute to feeding the world's population."

"We believe that the potato should play a major role in this. For that reason, we are continuously developing new potato varieties. Varieties that do well under the local, climatic conditions where they have to grow."

"The Royal designation is literally the crowning glory of our work. A recognition for our employees, growers, breeders, customers and partners. For what we do and what drives us. And I am incredibly proud of that."
About the predicate Royal

A predicate Royal is not awarded lightly. It symbolises the respect of the King of the Netherlands, appreciation and trust towards the recipient. If a company, organisation, institute or association has existed for more than 100 years, it qualifies for the award of the predicate.

In addition, correct behaviour is required of the company and its directors. And the company is known for its expertise and good reputation in the region. Thanks to the award of the predicate Royal, HZPC may now call itself Royal HZPC Group. Royal HZPC Group includes the subsidiaries STET, HZPC and ZOS.

Attention for 125th anniversary

Obviously, Royal HZPC Group will celebrate its 125th anniversary in 2023 and attention will be paid to this milestone throughout the year. HZPC looks back on a special history, but above all HZPC looks to the present and the future.

A future where there is still a world to be won in the field of food security. A global challenge in which HZPC wants to continue to play a key role.
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