Variety Name: SaturnaRights Holder | Breeder: E. SCHOLTENCountry of Origin: Netherlands NetherlandsYear of of introduction: 1964
Saturna is a standard variety for crisp production in Northern Europe
  • Category: Processing
  • Usage: crisp
  • Maturity: medium late
  • Foliage: medium
  • Tuber shape: round to round oval
  • Flesh colour: light yellow Cooking type: BC, waxy to mealy
  • Dry matter content: medium for crisp
  • Dormancy period: long, good storability
  • Nematodes: resistant to Ro 1
  • Wart disease: resistant to type 1
  • Foliage blight: average resistance
  • Tuber blight: good resistance
  • Common scab: good resistance
  • Growing: High Nitrogen level is required. Sufficient water supply is essential for the variety.

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