Variety Name: ShepodyRights Holder | Breeder: Agriculture and Agri-food CanadaCountry of Origin: Canada CanadaYear of of introduction: 1980
Shepody (F69016) is a determinate variety whose vine is early to medium maturing and is medium-sized. Due to its good frying quality and early maturity, usually ready for harvest in August, its grown for early fry processing and fries lighter than Russet Burbank.


  • Purpose: frying (early season); boil and bake possible
  • Growth Type: determinate
  • Maturity: early to medium, shorter than Kennebec
  • Dormancy: short
  • Vine: medium, spreading
  • Leaves: large
  • Flowers: numerous, large, light violent with white tips
  • Eyes: shallow to medium deep; well distributed
  • Tubers: oblong to long, slightly flattened; smooth, thin, lightly-netted skin (considered a long-white)
  • Set: late-setting but bulk rapidly; may oversize
  • Specific Gravity: low to medium; low end for frying
  • Sugar: low increases in storage; good frier, lighter than Russet Burbank
  • Stem End Discoloration: sugar end is common defect
  • External Defects: mis-shapes and over-sizes
  • Internal Defects: resistant to hollow heart
  • Yields: medium; in Canada, just less than Kennebec
  • Disease susceptibility: susceptible to all viruses, early and late blights, early dying and pink eye, and moderately so to common scab
  • Disease tolerance: tolerant to dry rot and wilt, stem canker, and net necrosis
  • Herbicide: very susceptible to metribuzin injury
  • Other: tolerant to heat stress; difficult to desiccate prior to senescence

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