Variety Name: ValorRights Holder | Breeder: CAITHNESS POTATO BREEDERS LTDCountry of Origin: United Kingdom United KingdomYear of of introduction: 1993
Valor produces high yields of bold white tubers of good all round cooking quality. It is highly adapted to a wide range of growing environments.

It has very high tolerance of heat and drought. Susceptible to potato virus Yo.

Resistance to late blight on tubers, bruising and splitting.

When tested for resistance to potato cyst nematode, this variety showed susceptible to Globodera pallida Ps2/3,1 and resistant to Globodera rostochiensis Ro1.

  • Shape of tuber: Short - oval
  • Colour of skin: White
  • Colour of flesh: Cream
  • Depth of eyes: Shallow
  • Smoothness of skin: Smooth
  • Colour of base of lightsprout: Pink
  • Maturity: Maincrop
  • Height of plants: Tall
  • Colour of flower: Red violet
  • Frequency of berries: Many

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