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Grimme Varitron 470 Platinum Terra Trac
Varitron 470 Platinum Terra Trac
GRIMME presents the second generation, the VARITRON 470 Platinum boasting 435 HP with rubber tracks and 7-ton NonstopBunker as standard.
Grimme Select 200
Select 200
Grimme Select 200 centre trailed, 2-row, various separators for different soil conditions. In addition to the unique combination of separators that allows for optimal adjustment to different harvesting conditions and new technologies
Grimme EVO 290 AirSep
EVO 290 AirSep
The Grimme EVO 290 AirSep is the worlds first bunker harvester with Airsep, a patented separation device.
Grimme Store Matic Pro
Store Matic Pro
New fully autonomous filling system on the new SL700-900. The StoreMatic Pro allows a filling automation never reached on the storage market.


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