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Grimme EVO 290 AirSep

The Grimme EVO 290 AirSep is the worlds first bunker harvester with Airsep, a patented separation device.

First introduced at the Agritechnica in 2013 by GRIMME and their US subsidiary SPUDNIK, the AirSep separation device for stones and damp clods of soil, which was awarded the DLG gold medal.

Since then over 150 potato harvesters and storage machines have been sold by Spudnik with AirSep technology. The AirSep has been extensively tested and developed over the last 4 years,so that both the space taken up in the machine and the power required could be considerably reduced.

With the development of the 2-row towed harvester the EVO 290 with a 9 tonne bunker and the TriSys axel to reduce soil compaction, also came the opportunity to intergrate AirSep into a Grimme machine for the first time.
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Grimme EVO 290 AirSep

The driver can alter the AirSep from the terminal in the cab, however this should rarely be necessary. The AirSep is powered by the intergrated internal hydraulics of the machine meaning that another motor for the device is not required.

A 205 hp tractor is required to pull and drive the EVO 290 with AirSep, which is only 25 hp more than the machine needs without an AirSep.