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Rosenqvists counter flow Multi Turbulent Blancher
Multi Turbulent Blancher
Rosenqvists counter flow Multi Turbulent Blancher is used in the potato chip process to reduce the sugar content of the potato strips. The frying process reveals the amount of sugar by darkening the color.
tna thermo-wash® HW 3
thermo-wash® HW 3
The tna thermo-washHW 3 is a potato hot washing system designed to overcome challenges associated with raw materials high in sugar, by lowering sugar content to below 0.2% ready for frying.
Kanchan Metals Potato Blancher-Belt Type
Potato Blancher-Belt Type
The Potato Blancher is answered to preserving the freshness and extending the shelf life of potatoes.
FoodeQ Belt Cooker/Blancher
Belt Cooker/Blancher
The engineers of FoodeQ design and build belt cookers/blanchers in all sorts and sizes for a broad range of products. Customized to meet the customer’s requirements and to fit seamlessly in existing and new lines of production.


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