Directory of All Companies active in the potato sector in Jordan


Attayebat Company for Food Industries is the spearhead venture in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan. They are the leading manufacturer of Snacks Chips in Palestine since 1992. The company also offers various snack pellets .


Jopellets is a manufacturer of pellet snacks from potato based material or wheat flour and starches from Jordan

Jordan Potato and Corn Chips Company(Mr. Chips)

Jordan Potato and Corn Chips Company is a manufacturer of potato chips and potato sticks from Jordan, branded Mr Chips.

Modern Flour Mills and Macaroni Factories

The modern Flour Mill & Macaroni Factories Co. (MFM) is a vertically integrated company operating a wheat flour mill, a snack pellets plant, a dry pasta plant, a bakery ingredients blending plant and a fried/direct expanded snacks plant. MFM is based in Amman, Jordan

Rum Agricultural Company

Rum agricultural company is working in the field of growing vegetables, fruits and fodder under various irrigation systems.

Subeih Food Industries

Subeih Food is a manufacturer of delicious oven baked corn snacks, wheat, and potato snacks.
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