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Modern Flour Mills and Macaroni Factories

Company Description
The modern Flour Mill & Macaroni Factories Co. (MFM) was established in 1949. The firm operates four main production plants:

  • A Wheat Flour Mill
  • A Snack Pellets Plant
  • A Pasta Plant
  • A Bakery Ingredients Plant
The company also operates its own fried and puffed snacks business unit, in addition to a fully fledged bakery ingredients trading and distribution unit.

MFM currently has 400+ employees and the annual turnover of MFM exceeds USD 30 Million.

All MFM production units are ISO22000-2005 certified.

MFM exports globally, with a particular focus on the Middle East and African markets.
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Contact Information
King Abdullah 1 Str.
Al Mahatta
Amman 11118
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