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Bridgetown Foods (БРИДЖТАУН ФУДС)

Bridgetown Foods, Moscow, is a snack food manufacturer operating throughout Russia.  Brands include 3 Korochki, 3 Korochki Zolotistiye, 3 Korochki CLUB, Delmor dried seafood snacks, Chip’N’Go natural potato chips.


CrunchTeam ('ХрусTeam') is a brand of Pepsico Russia of savory rusk snacks - snacks made from double baked bread dough, croutons - known in Russia as 'sukhariki'.


KDV Group OOO is a Russian company that produces confectionary products and snacks.

Kuntsevo Industrial Group

The Kuntsevo Industrial Group is a vertically integrated structure that carries out a full production cycle from growing agricultural raw materials, processing them to selling manufactured products throughout Russia.

Megapolis GROUP

The Megapolis GROUP MG in Russia produces snack foods including traditional potato chips, sugar&cheese puffs, gourmet popcorn, salted nuts, sunflower seeds, flavored croutons and pellet potato crisps.

Ozery CJSC

CJSC Ozery was established in 1992 on the basis of the Ozery sovkhoz, which has existed since 1939.

Pepsico Russia

PepsiCo is the largest food and beverage manufacturer in Russia. The company employs approximately 19,000 people in its central and regional offices and in its numerous production sites.


Selkhozinvest is a Russian AgroIndustrial company in the Kaliningrad region, with a.o. activities in ware and seed potatoes, machinery, fertilizer. Selkhozinvest announced plans to build a potato processing plant in December 2007.

Sibirsky Bereg

Sibirsky Bereg Company is a recognized leader in the Russian snack market. Brands include “Chipsony” potato chips and “FAN” natural potato chips.


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