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PepsiCo Russia

PepsiCo is the largest food and beverage manufacturer in Russia. The company employs approximately 19,000 people in its central and regional offices and in its numerous production sites. Today the company holds leading positions in the segments of carbonated, non-carbonated and energy drinks with trademarks (Pepsi®, 7 Up®, Mirinda®, Adrenaline Rush®, Russian Gift, etc.), in the market of chips and snacks (Lay's®, Cheetos ®, "CrunchTeam"), in the segment of juices and nectars ("Я", "Orchard", J7®, "Beloved", etc.), in the dairy market ("House in the village", "Merry milkman", "Miracle”, BioMax®,“ Imunele”, etc.) and baby food (“Agusha”and “Miracle Babies”), as well as in the segment of bottled water (“Aqua Minerale”, “Sprigns of Russia”). PepsiCo is the largest industrial potato processor in Russia and one of the largest raw milk processors. The company invests heavily in the implementation of programs aimed at improving the efficiency of potato and milk suppliers, improving quality and ensuring the growth of raw material supplies.

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